Citroën C5 Aircross: in 2020, the hybrid version

THE FIRST OF MANY – The Citroën C5 Aircross Hybrid is the first suv hybrid rechargeable from the French house and an important element in the offering of French house promises a range of electrified by 2025 for all of its products. The C5 Aircross Hybrid, will become the flagship model of Citroën, and will have an autonomy declared in electric mode of 50 km, provided that the speed does not exceed 135 km/h.

AS THE OTHER – only a Few from the aesthetic point of view, the differences compared to the other versions: the Citroën C5 Aircross Hybrid offers a new color Electric Blue, which includes coloured inserts in the protective caps of the front doors and in the lower area of the front bumper. With this new variant color, the number of possible combinations gets to the 39. On the tailgate appears instead of the logo, hybrid, in addition to the symbol h on the front wheel arches. Finally, on the left side there is the flip for charging the external.

GUARANTEED EIGHT YEARS old – the interior of the Citroën C5 Aircross Hybrid is the one of the other versions with the indicator driving mode 100% electric: when the car has zero emissions, we turn on a blue light under the rear view mirror and a central, clearly visible from the outside, which allows him to identify in the circulation as an electric vehicle. As usual, there are three driving modes: Electric, Hybrid and Sport. Complete the picture, the digital display central with new graphics among other things update in real time the driver about the vital parameters of the car. The batteries are guaranteed for 8 years or 160,000 km for the 70% of their charging capacity.

CHARGING IN A NIGHT – As for the engine, the Citroën C5 Aircross Hybrid adopts, in practice, the same-system plug-in hybrid the Peugeot 3008 and 508 Hybrid, composed from the four-cylinder petrol turbo 1.6 Puretech 180 HP associated with the electric motor 109 HP is integrated in the automatic transmission and-EAT8. In this way, the system delivers 225 HP total and 320 Nm of torque. The charging time with a standard home is about a night, while with a wall box, a “full” requires less than 2 hours.