Seat: in 2020, the electric scooter

ALTERNATIVE MOBILITY – the Seat, like other automakers, is working to expand the range of vehicles and alternative mobility, so as to have presented in recent months the electric scooter eXS KickScooter and the prototype quadricycle zero emissions Minimò. The objective of this strategy is to offer the best vehicle on the basis of the use: the scooter is not afraid of comparisons for short trips in the city, or to reach a destination after the trip with a public vehicle, while the car remains the best choice for long transfers.

AS A 125 – to The Spanish house does not stop here and the next Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, an exhibition on the theme of smart cities, scheduled from 19 November, will take away the veils to the Seat eScooter, an electric scooter with performance equivalent to a 125 cc petrol that will come on the market in 2020. The two wheels of the Seat will be produced by spain’s Silence, known for its electric scooters with removable battery, easy to recharge while you are at work. The Seat eScooter can be purchased by private individuals or by the rental company (scooter sharing).