The anti-abandonment and the mystery of the signals and haptic

Enters into force today, November 7, the obligation of having on board of his car, a device so-called anti-abandonment if you are bringing a child under the age of four years.

Reminded by the ministry of Transport, specifying that the regulation of the implementation ofarticle 172 of the new highway Code on the matter was published on the 23rd of October in the Official Journal, providing for the entry into force 15 days after, precisely on 7 November 2019.

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Here a first remark: we believe that it would have been more appropriate to give to the law an interpretation that is more favourable and maintain the commitment to grant the 120 days initially expected to give way to interested to purchase the device that best suits their needs. And, of course, to the market to work accordingly.

To facilitate the purchase of the devices – recalls also the Mit – in the Dl, the tax authorities has been established a fund for the un incentive of 30 euro for each device purchased.

Vibration? No, signals and haptic…

In the meantime, we hit – and also a little amused, to tell the truth – having read in the text of the regulation in the legislation includes not only the special equipment but also devices that you connect to your smartphone when, unfortunately, the small occupant of the car remains in the car with the carelessness of the parents know how to emit sound signals, visual or haptic. That’s right, a-p-t-i-c-i. That is: vibrations.

We ask ourselves – and we do not find the answer – why is this word choice so queer to the limits of the surreal.

But let’s move on… now, therefore, in order to be in compliance with the law and avoid administrative sanction that ranges from 81 to 326 euro (if you pay within five days become 56,70 euro) and the deduction of 5 points on your license, you can not only buy a car seat new and approved (not easy since the market has not been ready to circumstance), but also a compatible device or be among the lucky few to be in possession of a car equipped of a system-anti-abandonment fitted as standard.

Everything is well explained here, in the part of the regulation governing the technical-construction and functional essential.