The DTM of the future? With electric 1,000 HP

The DTM championship in the not too distant future you may take the road of electric. The organiser ITR has in fact announced to have developed a concept for a next hypothetical tourism championship, initially to work alongside the DTM, consisting of a grid of electric cars 1,000 HP and capable of over 300 km/h.

This is a “call to arms” for the various manufacturers interested in participating to take advantage of the return of the image of an international series. “You have to look far if you want to help shape the future of this sport”, said the president of ITR Gerhard Berger. “Although hybrid and electric cars are now on the market, I think that so far is not a concept that is really new and exciting. In addition to the millions of fans of motorsport around the world, we are now speaking with a large number of automotive companies and suppliers who would like to be more involved in motorsport. With this project, we want to show that we are open to what the future holds and that we have something new to offer producers around the world.”

According to the feasibility study initiated by the ITR, the series for electric cars ideal is the one in which they are allowed cars with bodywork derived from the series powered a battery or fuel cell, then hydrogen. Only a part of the powertrain would be free from regulatory restrictions, while the motors, electronics, batteries, or fuel cell should be a standard for all, in order to contain costs, and ensure balance in the track. As an additional touch to the show, the ITR can imagine a pit stop for tire change executed by robot.

“I have always said that the Formula And a justification as a marketing platform, and I can understand why many companies are involved”, explains Berger. The former ferrari driver, however, has a criticism: “I Think the cars are too slow and the driving style is too strongly characterized by strategy, and energy management. The cars presented in our study, a conceptual offer something completely different. Here, we are talking about racing cars high performance, just like in DTM, they are fast, spectacular and capable of racing side-by-side. Another advantage is the fact that these cars resemble the cars that you can buy at the dealership: they will be recognizable and distinctive for each manufacturer. Then, fans will be able to identify with these machines.”