Triggers an obligation for child seats anti-abandonment

It’s The OBLIGATION – From 7 November 2019 shall enter into force the obligation of the devices anti-abandonment in the child seats, warning systems that signal the presence of a child aged up to 4 years inside a vehicle at a stop, to prevent the abandonment. He clarified the ministry of Transport, explaining that the obligation applies from 15 days after the publication of the implementing regulation in the Official Journal, which occurred on the 23rd of October. From today, therefore, who violates the obligation receives an administrative penalty of 81 euro and lose 5 points on your license, but in the case of recurrence in the following two years get to pay up to 326 euros and is subjected to the license suspension from 15 days to 2 months.

AUTOMATIC ACTIVATION – THE anti-abandonment can be of various types according to the regulations: integrated in the child seats of the new purchase, as an accessory to purchase separately for child seats already in use, or a vehicle equipment, provided it is included in the information package of the car itself. It is essential, however, that these are activated automatically at each use, without further action on the part of the driver; the device also must issue an acknowledge signal as soon as it is operational. In the case of danger to the anti-abandonment must generate a visual alert through vibration or sound, which is audible even out of the car. It is not necessary to have a system for sending messages or calls through which to receive an alert on the phone, but many devices anti-abandonment work in this way: connect via bluetooth to your smartphone, and send a notification in case of danger.

BONUS 30 EURO – The Government has created a fund from € 15.1 million for 2019 and eur 1 million for 2020, available until exhaustion, in order to help financially those who need to purchase a device or child seat, anti-abandonment, which is the equivalent to a contribution of 30 euro for the device.