Fusion FCA-PSA, Trump will review the agreement. That’s why

Theadministration Trump will carefully examine the agreement of merger matching between FCA-PSA: the reason is linked to the quotas that would be to hold a chinese manufacturer. To confirm it was the economic advisor to Donald Trump, Larry Kudlow, in an interview with Bloomberg: “we will Give an in-depth look at the operation, with regard to the perspective of the chinese,” he said.

The point of view of chinese concerns, the Dongfeng Motor, local builder, who holds 12% of PSA, group, French, with whom the FCA has reached an agreement for a merger of a matching that would give rise to the fourth reality, the world in the automotive sector. Understanding, and this comes at a time when the administration Trump does not like seeing chinese investment in american companies. FCA, despite being of Dutch law, is also made by Chrysler, an us company.

“We are alert and ready to react”, explained Kudlow -. We need to make sure that any commercial development of china happen not deleterious not only to our economy but also for our national security.” These words are in line with the control measures on foreign investments in u.s. companies implemented last year by the administration, Trump, and designed in particular for chinese companies.