Honda CR-V: update in view of the 2020

SMALL CHANGES – You update the fifth generation of the suv medium Honda CR-V, which receives a “facelift” to three years from the presentation. The style of the renewed CR-V, already on sale in the United States (arrive in Europe in 2020), changes in the front due to the new fascia that incorporates an element in the gray plastic that resembles a blade and runs from one extreme to the other. New lights, anti-fog, round shape. The mask is now almost all painted black. In the queue to change the lower part of the facione. The edition 2020 of the Honda CR-V also receives a new lightweight alloy wheels of 19” and three unreleased colours are the metallic red Radiant and pearly grey-Sonic and the blue Aegean.

In the photos the Honda CR-V 2020 for the american market.

There IS THE WIRELESS CHARGING – inside, the main novelty of the Honda CR-V 2020 is the central tunnel redesigned in function of practicality: the port-objects are larger, it is easier to reach the usb sockets and comes with the pad for wireless charging of compatible mobile phones. On the occasion of the update becomes the serial for all versions of the package, Honda Sensing, which includes some of the most modern driver assistance systems, braking, automatic recognition of pedestrians to maintain lane, passing through the speed controller, the adaptive and the rear camera. Remain payment the monitoring of the blind spot in the mirrors and the automatic turning off of the high beam headlights.

GASOLINE OR HYBRID – The Honda CR-V is can be ordered in the United States with front-wheel drive or. The engine access is the 4-cylinder turbbenzina 1.5, 193 HP, but you can also have the refined hybrid system, 184 HP of the CR-V Hybrid, where the naturally-aspirated 2.0, flanked by two electric motors (read here the first contact).