In space there is a lot of space for business and research, even the Automotive? According to Argotec, and Audi yes

In Piazza Affari, in Milan, we do not care only of financial securities, but they also make meetings interesting On themes “very far from the square”. Like today, where he talked about space activity the made in Italy firms not operating in the aerospace industry that come close to the Space Economy.

A made in Italy juicy that comes out of the boot, and even from the globe of the earth, although to tell the truth, it would seem to be made in Turin, since that is the seat of the principal actor, Argotec. The young engineering company manufactures a series of elements capable of going into space and be useful for both missions, the tricolour is in europe, but also in the u.s. with NASA (see one of the very few satellites are not made in the USA). A nice activity, not all, and also the fanciful. Worthy of a mentality open, worthy of the attention of Audi and Real Mutual, but not only, also of the politicians who came in Piazza Affari.

The lens exhibited at Palazzo Mezzanotte is to try not to think about the space missions only as an activity huge and binding only for public authorities and large companies in the sector of aerospace. With the project Open Space Argotec “open the universe” even for private companies, anyone with ideas transportable in orbit, for useful purposes to bring back to earth. Already, because the nice concept, assumed, you have an axis with the space and the missions more open than in the past, the more close to the company. A link where, if there is enough space, in space, someone can do as Lavazza (the other company of Turin, as Reale Mutua) and provide the machine create the coffee for the astronauts. Countless complications and emotions, that result in useful patents to discover something new (e.g. how to save the raw material).

The idea Argotec, also supported by the Audi Italia, is to create products, systems and services, especially by creating value for companies, with innovation useful on earth. There is a good financial commitment. Not the case when president Kennedy set down the run-up to the lunar landing at the beginning of the Sixties, the us put 4% of GDP, stuff that now can not even dream of NASA itself. But the “spaces” a bit short lately, and even for us italians.

Already, with some companies, we are able to short to have the autonomous capacity to launch and return to space. All tricolor, all with the possibility of reusing and then maybe do the economy of tools selecting ideas. What? A university study speaks of three great currents between necessary products, services and research useful and practicable by the companies. It would result in at least 85 potential “jobs” che a company could do for the space missions. So here is that not only does Elon Musk think, after Tesla, to the space travelers. Here’s that Audi, far-sighted, it was with an eye of favour towards the small and medium Italian enterprises. We don’t know exactly how much, and what, for now, but he tries to mix the classic rigour and German, of the great solutions calibrated to the imagination and innovation of the tricolor.

Opportunity to create, contaminating the drive technology or vice versa in the space of automotive elements? We’ll see what comes out, meanwhile, already now the Audi a bit of innovation for aerospace has taken and given to their customers. The centralized management of the ADAS (with control unit ZFAS), navigation, intelligent and laser lighting are just the result of contamination of interdisciplinary and legabili to what is in use on the ships. With the new artificial intelligence growing on the cars will arrive even those “eyes“ flying as drones, the concept Audi:TRAIL: optical groups that break away from the car to do the “forerunner” seeing what happens later.