Is going to release the new number of alVolante

OFFERINGS UNDER THE LENS – The advance agrees or not? The question we answer in our comprehensive overview dedicated to the promotions of the houses of each, we evaluate the “weight” of the initial disbursement and other rate, the duration of the loan, the interest. 24 the campaign of the car manufacturers examined, half of which do not require an advance. All eyes are also on the maxi-installment final proposal by almost all manufacturers.
TWO NEW long-AWAITED – we have Not yet tested, but we present them too: they are the new Toyota Yaris and Volkswagen Golf. The first, now in its fourth generation, will be on sale in versions of the mild-hybrid, referred to as the eTSI, with outputs of 110, 130 and 150 HP, and hybrid rechargeable: 204 horses for the eHybrid and 245 for the GTE. The second retains the style of previous models, but with a look even more sophisticated. Very evolved on a technological level, has a rich safety equipment and a new hybrid system even less thirsty.
THESE WE have ALREADY GUIDED – THE first contacts of this month, and have for the protagonists, first of all, two small crossover. The Renault Captur (all new, a bit more spacious and with improved finishing) and the tasty DS 3 long stem, wizard, in the quiet and lively version of the power to 136 HP. Then there are two Audi: the suv-coupe, the Q3 Sportback and the A1 Sportback, a variant crossover of the small German.
And FIVE more ARE IN the TEST – Between the tests of the month (those who make use of instrumental measurements of the energy consumption and performance) there are two models for which deliveries will start in these days: lsi called the Peugeot 208 and Skoda Kamiq. The utilitarian French is gritty, well-finished and almost sporty to drive; small outside but big inside, the crossover Czech very many electronic aids and infotainment “to praise”. In the press, and the stylish crossover Mazda CX-30 and the Toyota Supra, a coupe is very engaging in the guide. A high level of comfort combined with a shooting burning are the dot main of the EQC, the big suv electric Mercedes.
LAMBORGHINI, AND THE HYBRID: A DREAM! – It’s called Sián FKP 37 thedream car of the month: is the Lamborghini more powerful than ever, as well as the first with mechanical hybrid. Unleash the beauty of 819 horses, is credited with a “0-100” in 2.8 seconds and a maximum speed of 350 km/h. Build only 63: all of which are already sold, at a price (cpu) of 2.44 million.

HOW MUCH IS A “SWIPE”? – Unfailing our survey, this month is dedicated to body builders. Did you know that, for the same damage to the body, you can spend from 700 to 5,000 euro? It is the findings of the visiting 30 repairers from Milan to Naples.

HOW to CHOOSE THE “THERMAL” – it IS time to mount the winter tires, to safely deal with the bad season, and stay away from fines. How to choose the right ones we say with our buying guide, which reviews the most popular products. Of each one you will find for the price, “true”, and the main features.
USED: CROSSOVER with NO SURPRISES – Very desired, the crossover is now available in quantities of second-hand. We present eight of the most requests, with the strengths, weaknesses and prices of the specialist Eurotaxglass.
OVER 2000 KM ZERO – In closure, a classic of alVolante: well-2019 car zero kilometers, this time with discounts up to 51%. And then the list of the new: 7783 versions, with pictures, specifications, the comments of the editorial staff to choose well, and all the standard accessories or upon request. Are 2000, finally, the prices of used cars (produced from 2010 to 2019), developed by Eurotax.