The pagans, the six cars on display at Grand Central Station, New York

The many travellers passing through these days to the impressive Grand Central Station, New York, made famous outside the borders of the USA for her appearances in various films, will discover with pleasure the presence of some of the supercars of the house of the Pagans to make the station even more memorable: it is the Zonda R, the Zonda F, the Zonda Cinque, the Zonda HP Boat, from the first Zonda shown in the preview at the Geneva motor show of 1999, and a car whose debut is instead much more recent.

Let’s talk about the Huayra Roadster BC, the last born of the house of Pagani, which made its official debut this year, in occasion of the Monterey Car Week. But there is more to it: visitors of the station can also learn more about the history of the founder of Pagani, Horacio, who moved from Argentina to Italy in 1982 to work in Lamborghini. After having contributed to the iconic Countach, Pagani decided to start their own business, giving life to his brand.

“Grand Central Station, a station renowned for its timeless design and the beauty of an iconic venue, where many immigrants arrived and gave life to their american dream. There are important similarities between their ways and mine, and I am honored to tell my story here,” said Horacio Pagani. “I hope that New yorkers and visitors who pass through it can appreciate my work and understand how the sacrifice, hard work and passion can help anyone achieve their dreams,” he added.