The “pasticciaccio brutto” of the seat antiabbandono. But the fines will be postponed

The entry into force of the law that requires anyone who transports a child under the age of 4 years to acquire the seat antiabbandono is causing worries and doubts in many parents , who rushed to the shops for the children, surprised by the entry into force of the obligation initially date to march 6, 2020, and not for the November 7, 2019.

What is success? It just so happened that the law 117/2018 which introduces the mandatory requirement of alarm systems in child seats, or add to what you have, contains an ambiguity: the obligatory (and therefore fines) would take 120 days from publication in the Official Journal of the implementing decree (which took place on the 23rd of October), so that the 6 march 2020, but contains the footnote “and however, with effect from 1 July 2019”. That is to say, November 7, 2019.

An oversight is not just that has sparked the panic of the parents with the circular of the Ministry of the Interior published only on the afternoon of 6 November, which confirmed the entry into force of the obligation for the next day and with it the fines rather salty, provided: pecuniary sanction from 81 to 326 euro, a reduction of 5 points on driver’s license and the suspension from 15 to 60 days in case of recidivism within two years.

This aspect has thought of the Minister of Transport, Paola De Micheli to reassure those affected by the measure, stating: “I want to reassure the mothers and families about the urgency of this device and the “fines” for those who are not yet equipped with this tool: the ministry that I represent, is here for all of the clarifications and there is the readiness of the government and the entire majority to take action to postpone the application of sanctions”.

In short, then, could be approved by a majority, a rule that the extension of the fines and already the police have said they are willing to turn a blind eye because of the way confused with the “decree of the seat” came into force and for the difficulty that many are having to gear up. But the doubts remain, because the faculty of fine is entrusted to the sensitivity, that is, to the “good heart”, the single agent.

The norm that establishes the obligation of the chair to “save babies” also contains at least two other slips: the information campaign that is contained in the law has not been made, with the effect of having caught unprepared for a little while all the parents; in addition, the law speaks of a contribution for the purchase of 30 euro, incentives for the time being, however, there is no trace. “It will be soon possible to get a refund of 30 euro for the expenditure, therefore it is good to keep the receipts of purchase, “reads a note from the Ministry of Transport.

There is, however, anyone who claims that doesn’t add up: if the children with age less than 4 years in Italy today there are about 1.8 million, the fund is sufficient to just 536.000 families. The account has done the Codacons: “The Tax Decree provides in fact only 15 million in 2019 and just 1 million in 2020 for the contribution in question and, considering the number of Italian families in which there are children under 4 years of age, only 536mila nuclei will be able to qualify for the bonus, far too little” contests the consumers ‘ association.

In the meantime, it has taken the race to the devices, and someone is doing business of gold, because, the complaint still on the List, “after the obligation took yesterday, is the jungle of prices on the front of the seat anti-abandonment: on the basis of a survey of the New price lists of the device in question will arrive in these hours, almost to the 500 euro, with possible speculation related to the compulsory nature of the product. All the while, consumer uncertainty linked to the technical characteristics required of the seats: the risk, in short, is that families, in their haste to comply, purchase any of the products not in accordance with, wasting money and going to penalties”.

Another doubt concerns the conformity of the devices antiabbandono, child seats, but also sensors to add to what you already have. The Police State has stated that it does not require approval, but must comply with the technical requirements provided in annex A of the decree. What does that mean? That to ensure that the seat or the sensor you are purchasing is the adjust you need to make sure that the product is accompanied by a certificate of technical compliance of the manufacturer as what we report below.

Esempio di certificato di conformità di un seggiolino antiabbandono

Example of certificate of conformity of the seat antiabbandono