Mercedes-AMG GT3 2020, more robust and cost-effective

After 130 units sold since its launch in 2015 which have made it one of the Gran Turismo of the GT3 class the most popular Mercedes-benz presents the new Mercedes-AMG GT3 , which inherits the more recent look of the family Mercedes-AMG GT, but especially some of the developments that lower the cost of management and make it faster and easier not only for the pilot, but also for technicians.

The new Mercedes-AMG GT3 will be ready for the competitions customers starting from the season 2020 has a new front that, in addition to evolve in aerodynamics is also more robust , and repair the better the internal organs such as the radiator, the engine, the steering gear and the front axle from impact, thus minimizing the repair cost and timing of the intervention in the event of a collision. Also new are the headlamps, they also more robust and with improved luminosity.

It was also simplified access to the air-box, and reinforced some of the components of the engine, which remains the V8 aspirated engine from 6.3 liters, in order to lengthen the maintenance intervals. Among the main novelties there is also the system Drop Start, which starts the engine when the car down from the jacks and integrated during the stops in the pit lane, in order to speed up the restart.

There is also a telemetry system electronically, a new steering wheel with improved gripping, and have been optimized also ABS and traction control. The new Mercedes-AMG GT3 2020 costs 399.000 euro excluding taxes.