Pagans in the Park of the Valentino 2019, a mini-mega collection

Happy birthday Zonda. 2019 marks two decades of life for the first supercars of Pagani Automobili Modena, which he showed to the public for the first time in 1999 at the auto show in Geneva. In the courtyard of the castle of the Valentino, for the fifth edition of the event, was set up a small exhibition of more relevant models of the manufacturer of the origins of argentina.

The Zonda C12, the parent that gave life to the dynasty that in time would have evolved and refined to achieve the state of the art. Under the rear bonnet was pounding already, the V12 AMG engine, then in the version with 450 hp and over 500 Nm of torque. The displacement is ‘stopped’ at the 6.0 L and the performance were already exalted: a little over 4 seconds for the 0-100 and 300 km/h had a finish line to reach, thanks to a feather-weight of 1250 kg.

The show continues with the Zonda F arrived after the S and after S 7.3. With her came a re-bodied style and a lot more power thanks to the increase of the displacement. The power reached 600 hp now, and on the Roadster, there were even 50 more. Less than 4 seconds for the 0-100 and almost 350 km/h of maximum speed. The aerodynamics was much more thrust and the weight of 1230 kg contributed to stop the F from 200 km/h to 0 in 4.4 seconds. The letter that follows the name is a tribute to one of the people most dear to Horacio, that is, the argentinean driver Juan Manuel Fangio, 5 times winner of the F1 world championship with Mercedes. It was he who mediates the relations between the house of Stuttgart (department AMG and Pagani for the supply of engines.

From the street to the track with the Zonda R (in variant Revolution) the third chapter of the saga dedicated to the curbs. Enough to 6′:30″ to the Nurburgring to understand what pasta is made this car, and even the 1′:08″ on the circuit of Top Gear says a a long long. The idea of Horacio was the one to make a track car without compromise, and in fact the Zonda R has never followed any specific rules and regulations during its development. There are no restrictions to the aerodynamics and the engine, conversely, exclude this car from any type of championship. Vote 10.

This have been built only 5, and the number from the name of this Zonda. The model is very important because it was the first that reviewed the use and type of carbon fiber for the monocoque and other components. Lightweight and powered by 678 hp and 780 Nm of torque. The transmission is not manual like on the other of the Zonda, in fact it is the first Pagani to fit a sequential gearbox with controls on the steering wheel, a 6-speed robotized by Automac Engineering. You are born in the other 3 specimens that were celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Frecce Tricolori. These differ in the color of the livery, for the circles in the gold color and for the LED lights, the name? The Zonda Tricolore.

It concludes with an exaggerated and unique. The Zonda HP Boat, is inspired by the open cars, which in the Years 60-70 battagliavano in the category sport-prototypes and the series machine the most expensive in the world, with an estimated price of over 15 million euro. Have been built only three. The abbreviation for HP is just about to Horacio Pagani. For her, words are not enough.