What are the most dangerous roads of Italy?

The study of the ACI named “Localization of road accidents 2018” (available on the portal www.lis.aci.it), analyzes 37.228 accidents (of which the 1,166-fatal), the 1.344 deaths and the 59.853 wounded, on about 55,000 kilometers of Italian roads. It is possible to locate the sections that are more dangerous. According to statistics, compared to 2017, the accidents rose by 1.5% (554) and deaths decreased by 1.6% (22 less); taking as reference the year 2010, claims were down 19.4% and the dead of 18.2%.

According to the study of the ACI, 76 accidents, about 100 occur in the inhabited centres, 6 on the highway and 18 on two-lane rural roads. In 2018, on the highway, it is stable, the number of accidents (heavy trucks are involved in 31%), but increases the number of deaths, especially due to the incident of the Bridge Morandi; on two-lane rural roads growing incidents but remains stable as the number of deaths (+4%) and by 0.7%; in towns and villages, decrease in both incidents, the deaths (2.7% or 4.2%), especially in small towns crossed by two-lane rural roads. By analyzing the months of the year, June and July are the months with the highest accident rates (respectively, 9.9% and 10.4% of the total). Between the days of the week, Friday is the one in which you experience the most accidents, 15.4%, and from 18 to 20 hours are the most critical.


Is Accidents at km N° accidents Length of section (km)
Milan Fitting/4-Viale Certosa 16 8 0,5
Rome 24 – Penetration urban (GRA-Portonaccio) 12,9 94 7,3
Reggio Calabria The Motorway to Reggio Calabria 12,5 69 5,5
Monza and Brianza A 52 – Tangenziale Nord Milano 10,3 30 2,9
Milan A 51 – Milan Tangenziale Est 10,2 181 17,7
Rome 90 – Grande Raccordo Anulare of Rome 9,8 667 68,2
Monza and Brianza SS 036 – the Lake of Como and of the Spluga 9,8 217 22,1
Catania 18 dir – Branch of Catania 9,5 35 3,7
Milan 50 – Tangenziale Ovest Milano 9 285 31,5
Cagliari SS 131 dir – Carlo Felice 8,6 50 5,8
Milan SS 036 – the Lake of Como and of the Spluga 7,6 11 1,4
Rome SS 511 – Anagnina 5,4 54 10
Genoa SS 227 – Portofino 5,3 41 7,7
Milan SS 009 – via Emilia 5,2 36 7
Lecco SS 038 var – Variant of Morbegno 5 1 0,2
Como SS-035 – dei Giovi The 4.3 51 11,8
Rimini SS 009 – via Emilia 4,2 42 10
Bologna SS 569 – Vignola 4,2 67 16,1

Taking into account the type of journeys, the highways in urban are those with the greatest density of accidents due to high traffic; Milano Raccordo A/4-Viale Certosa (16 accidents per km), Rome 24 Penetration urban (GRA-Portonaccio, a 12.9 accidents per km) and the Motorway to Reggio Calabria (12,5 accidents per km) are the roads on which you experience the most accidents, while for the motorway network, the national average of 1.3 accidents per mile. For two-lane rural roads, where the national average is 0.6 accidents per km, the negative record goes to the state 36 of Lake Como and of the Spluga of traits in the province of Monza and Brianza, (9,8 accidents per km) and in the province of Milan to 7.6 accidents per km) and the highway SS131 Carlo Felice, in the province of Cagliari, the main road artery of Sardinia, which connects Cagliari to Porto Torres, with 8.6 accidents per mile.

Overall, compared to the year 2018, the roads in which the accidents have decreased in a considerable way: take the SS 7 quater Domitiana, SS 69 di Val d’arno, SS 325 of Val di Setta and Val di Bisenzio, the SS 222 Chiantigiana, SS 229 of Orta Lake, the SS 513 Val d’enza and the Tangential North of the City of Bologna (Casalecchio-Airport-San Lazzaro).