Ford Mustang Mach-And: leaked the first images

DEBUT NEAR – In the course of an event held in Los Angeles on the evening of Sunday, November 17, will be unveiled the Ford Mustang Mach-And, the crossover with the electric motor, from the look inspired by the mythical sporty Mustang. In anticipation of the show, it is already possible to get an idea of the car, because an internet site of fans has captured some of the screens appeared to error in the official internet site of the Ford.

GOOD BLOOD does NOT MIND – The Mustang-And has a tough appearance, and similar details of the Ford Mustang, as the front lights, muscular side panels (no handles) and the compact rear lights. The sloping roof accentuates the prominent rear wheel arches. The wide grille reminiscent of the Mustang, but it is closed to improve aerodynamic efficiency. The interior of the Ford Mustang-And it is minimal, appears to be almost entirely devoid of physical controls and not the center console: in its place there is the large vertical screen of the multimedia system, which makes the pair with the slim digital dashboard.

ONE OR TWO ENGINES – The Ford Mustang-And can have the rear engine and the traction on the rear wheels, or the two motors (the second is on the front axle) to realise the all-wheel drive. The total power consumption depending on equipment and the presence of one or two engines, is 255, 282 or 333 HP, while autonomy with one charge of the batteries varies between 370 and 483 km; the distances were calculated according to the cycle of consumption, the u.s. Epa, which is more demanding of the Wltp was adopted in Europe. Prices start from 43.895 dollars and deliveries in the Usa will begin by the end of 2020.