Winter tyres or chains on board: the obligation

FOR SIX MONTHS – From November 15, 2019, and until April 15, 2020, are in force the ordinances that require motorists to have winter tyres or chains on board (if the car allows for the installation) on the roads of italy in which there is an obligation: the complete list is located at the address below. Forces the article 6 of the Code of the Street, in which is written that the Institution owner of the road or the manager may require that “the vehicles are equipped with, or have on board, means a non-slip or winter tyres suitable for driving on snow or on ice”.


SAFE BRAKING – winter tyres to comply with the law if they are on the side marked with the code M+S. The marking M+S is a self-certification from the manufacturer, which certifies that on the slippery, such as mud and snow (the M+S marking stands for Mud and Snow), these tires make more grip than the summer: stopping of the car with winter tires can decrease up to 15% on wet roads and up to 50% in the presence of snow than a car with summer tyres. In addition to the code M+S tyres winter can also have the symbol with the snow flake inside a mountain with three peaks, which indicates the tires even more effective on low grip surfaces, but is not essential to have this symbol to be in line with the Code of the Road. Is not prohibited by law to mount snow tires only two-wheel drive, but the Ministry of Transport has issued a recommendation to advise against it: the car’s behavior would be less homogeneous, and the stability would be compromised in cornering and braking.

WINTER OR ALL-SEASON? – An alternative to winter tyres and chains by the tires to all season, or four seasons: go well a little bit in all situations, and, as in the winter, have the marking M+S that allows you to comply with the ordinances. We have put to the test seven (below link), to find out how to behave in the various conditions of adherence.


THE FINES – Ranges from 85 to 338 euro fine for anyone caught without M+S tyres or without snow chains on board in the roads where there is the obligation, but if the infringement is committed in the city (provided that they are present ordinances) we pay from 41 to 169 euros.