WRC 2019/2020. Stunning. Ogier will race with the Pace 2 WRC!

Coffs Harbour, Australia, 14 November. L’Australia has stopped burning. Up In smoke one million hectares of forest and many beautiful minds, unable to wait a minute for the truth. Brains in search of a scoop.Fixed Tanak with Hyundai, scoop easy, it was enough to measure the still-image of the smile of Adam, could not wait

the winter to a new bombshell. The sudden closure of the World has blasted the nerves and explode in panic from the urgency of the news.

The “victim” designated could not be that Sébastien Ogier. The six-times World Champion will pay him also because it is

unbeatable when it comes to fall from the clouds. It has proven year after year, for entire seasons, rejecting the destinies most unlikely that have been attributed. For this is the easy target of speculation far and wide.

Then boom: Ogier at the place of Tanak with Toyota. Self-evident. On as there is a divergence of opinions. Heard and read everything. Visions and oversights. Would pay a penalty to terminate the agreement with Citroen. No, it should stay a year. No, no, it’s Citroen stops and leaves you free Drivers. No, on the contrary, Citroen makes three machines for the 2020 and not to talk about them more. From one day to another. Citroen thirsting for revenge. Citroen leave because Peugeot…

We would like to take you to punch this frenzy of impatience, although we are aware that there would be enough to reveal the truth “of which Automoto.it is learned exclusively from reliable sources” to put an end to the black hole of mental.

On the contrary. Enough! You say everything so it is clear.

Sebastien Ogier and Julien Ingrassia race of the new season in the WRC with the revolutionary, and still hyper secret, the New Rhythm 2 WRC, a draft drawn on the track-the penthouse of the Ingot during the spritz of the summer. In reality, the Cars of the covenant, FCA, PSA will be two. The New Rhythm 2 WRC Std (Standard) for the Rally winter I decided as Sweden or the Mount, and the New Rhythm 2 WRC Cabrio for Races such as Mexico, Sardinia, Turkey, and the reintroduced Safari in Kenya. The platform of the new Machine is already ready to be offered in a hybrid version, featuring the legendary electric motors of the power windows of the Lancia and Fiat, and can be aligned with the regulation of the WRC 2021.

Have not been yet revealed the names of the other Drivers who will race with the new Car. It is in favour of the confirmation of Esapekka Lappi, who would be so extended its agreement ex-Citroen and is not at risk of being kicked should come in mind of knocking on the door of Makinen.

Has been re-evaluated also the idea to compete for the Constructors Title. In this sense, the smoke of the opportunity to field a third Car would have finally climbed up to the top of Satory, revolutionizing the pillars of the creed. For the steering wheel of the third Rhythm 2 WRC is insistently the name of Fiorello and talk about a livery, more youthful and printemps.

Finally, the new Team will be managed by Rocco Papaleo, chosen by the management FCA-PSA for the experience reference of the Rally Basilicata Coast To Coast.

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