F1, GP Abu Dhabi 2019: Ferrari, here’s what went wrong in qualifying

ABU DHABI – The only consolation is that it would have changed little. Very little. Because the error at the end of qualifications on the part of Ferrari, with Leclerc who took the red light before going out for the fastest lap, it would not change the substance. That is, Mercedes are unbeatable on this track, and on a Lewis Hamilton, author of the pole position ahead of team-mate Valtteri Bottas. And would not have changed, perhaps even against the third, Max Verstappen, Red Bull, even if Leclerc I think ec would have done it.

It is a Ferrari, which, however, occupies the second row with the two drivers, with Vettel arrived immediately behind Charles, and thanks to the penalty Bottas (has replaced the engine, the gearbox and also the rims…), the two red start right behind the couple terrible Interlagos. The problem of Ferrari in this qualification has been highlighted by the difficulties of insertion in the last part of the track, the slower. Already on the Friday of that section was confusing, so much so that both Vettel both Leclerc slammed in the same turn, and on Saturday, Vettel has repeated with a spin on the finish line. A car lighter behind, with a placement decided to avoid the understeer, and the result is a compromise where you lose something here and there, limiting the damage on the fast.

“What? Six-tenths of advantage?” exclaimed Leclerc when they release the first fast lap of Hamilton, as saying that the same ferrari drivers were surprised. Then another error at the end, i.e. not to overtake each other with the direct opponents, and to avoid difficult situations, you’re familiar losing time in the pits to get the drivers, and once on the track, Leclerc went very slowly along the last stretch, with the result of pecking at the red light before it can launch in the fast lap, while Vettel is unable to breath even if it has not improved much. It seemed almost the same situation in Monza and it is difficult to understand how to face an organized team like Ferrari to end up in a similar situation.

For sure it will be the topic of improvement for the upcoming season, review the organization on the wall, perfect pit-stops, optimize the organizational structure and the communications with the drivers. The potential is very high, now it is a matter of details, and missing very little to re-create a structure that is unbeatable. The elements are all there, and from this season, from certain errors, come important lessons learned. Rather, Vettel appeared much more in difficulty in comparison to Leclerc. Sebastian loves the cars sovrasterzanti, but maybe this time you overdid it a little. Meanwhile Hamilton did not want to leave no stone unturned and wants to close in beauty to a world that has seen the protagonist unbeatable and ready to wring the wink to Ferrari for the future…