F1, GP Abu Dhabi 2019: Ferrari, a fine of 50,000 euros for the fuel Leclerc

The commissioners have decided: the Ferrari has been imposed a fine of 50,000 euro for failing to notify the correct data in respect of fuel loaded on the car of Charles Leclerc in Abu Dhabi. The FIA before the race that he found an anomaly in the gas at the edge of the SF90 of the Leclerc: the fuel would be present in an amount different from that reported to the federation.

Jo Bauer, the technical delegate of the FIA, had then sent a report to the FIA for a possible infringement of the technical directive TD 14-19. The Ferrari was felt by the commissioners of the FIA immediately after the race, the Federation has opted for a monetary sanction. This means that Leclerc maintains the third place in the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi.