F1, GP Abu Dhabi 2019: Ferrari, look to the future

ABU DHABI – let’s Start by saying that gasoline or less, the checks, the Ferrari was there at all. Missed the something in the summer that had made us dream and have the typical problems of this car, and also emerged in the Uae. The third place of the Leclerc and the fifth and Vettel are the mirror of a car is hardly competitive against Mercedes and Red Bull. At least, that of Verstappen, why Albon has never been able to get involved in the fight at the summit. The problem of delays after the race concerning a technical standard of the regulation.

The Ferrari Leclerc, first to the side, has been verified by the commissioners who wanted to control how much fuel there was on board, emptying the tank and then checking the weights. The result was different from that stated by the team before the race. For this reason, the dossier was sent to the stewards that a few hours after the race had not yet made a decision. The weight difference between the declared and the findings might make you think of a consumption above 110 kg provided for in the regulation. That is, they declare of not, boarding and more, and then go around the limit. This according to the spirit of the test that tends to exclude the possibility that to happen such a thing.

Likely it was just an oversight or an error in declaring the amount to the board, as it was for the Mercedes that for 1 degree of difference in less beccò 5 thousand euro fine. Since this is the first time this check is made and the commissioners as they pull up for long after the race, the message is more political than practical. That is, we do not discount anyone, and we control all the same way. Starting from the team most noble. That is a nice clear message to all teams participating in the world. If instead we go back to the race, just to say. The pit stop disastrous to Vettel (and it is not the first one this year) was relegated to fifth position in the final, but even if it were smooth yarn, it would not have gone beyond the fourth place behind his team mate in the standings has passed Vettel finishing fourth.

Here, among the positive notes of the year, the growth of Leclerc is without a doubt the most obvious thing is 24 points ahead of Vettel, the two victories against a seven pole positions. In a world where Hamilton has won 11 races, Bottas 4 and Verstappen 3, the ferrari drivers were the only ones able to bring home something more than a simple placement. Now look to the future. “We have planned the presentation of the new car in February – said Mattia Binotto – we think we have understood and resolved the problems of the car this year even if we take into account the improvements made by Mercedes and especially Red Bull will probably be the main rivals of the next year.” And at this point, the curtain, greetings and see you next year..