F1, GP Abu Dhabi 2019, Hamilton: “my machine? A work of art”

“I am proud and enormously grateful to this team is incredible. Mercedes continues to improve; who would have ever thought that we would have been so strong. We wanted to continue to work, extracting the maximum potential from the car, that is truly a work of art. I am grateful to the team, and the support of my fans; I thank everyone here and at home. They are much too happy today.” Lewis Hamilton says his victory in the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi 2019 of Formula 1, the final act of this season.

The look of Hamilton, beyond the well-deserved holiday, it should be already to next year, and many of the talents that will compete, including those who joined on the podium today. Hamilton commented that the generational change: “There are many young people emerging, are almost all young in the grid. I am proud to be able to compete with so many guys that play a phenomenal job. I hope I can battle with them in the future.”

The second position for Max Verstappen, Red Bull, able to stand behind Leclerc in spite of some inconvenience to the motor in the race. “I had some small problem in the race, but did not make the difference. We had to try something different in terms of strategy compared to the Ferrari, and we did. Lewis and the Mercedes were too quick today. The third place in the league, conquered today, is a very good result. Next year will be a good challenge.”

Mercedes continues to improve; who would have thought that we were so strong

To complete the podium another talent that will make the future of F1, Charles Leclerc. “Hamilton, the hard tyre was fast, I make my compliments. I am extremely happy, I have learned so much thanks to Seb, it was a great year. I have crowned my dream of running in the Ferari; now it is up to me to improve and give my team the success it deserves”. Cala so the curtain on the season 2019 of Formula 1: the Circus is back in march 2020.