F1. Hamilton-Ferrari 2021, Wolff, “No problem” if the English speaks with the Red

The climate of the last day of school in the paddock of the Abu Dhabi leave space, in addition to the usual year-end financial statements, also in consideration of the future of the top players of the Formula 1. Takes tour, in particular, the indiscretion, which was launched by the Gazzetta dello Sport, contacts between Lewis Hamilton and the Ferrari, with meetings between the six times world champion and the president of the Red, John Elkann. A relationship of mutual esteem, the one between Hamilton and Elkann, of which our correspondent Paolo Ciccarone had already spoken on the occasion of the GP of Baku, in April.

Inevitable that the persistent rumors arrived at the team principal of Mercedes, Toto Wolff. A question about in the paddock of the Yas Marina, Wolff minimizes. “For me there is no problem. I think that this is a free world and I realize that each person must evaluate their options for the future of his career, and take the best decision for himself. Applies both for the riders and for the other workers to the jobs”.

“For this reason – continues Wolff – I have no problems. A pilot will always try to be on the faster machine, and the team more competitive will seek to engage the standard bearer for the best. There is an agreement between us on what we are trying to achieve.” The estimation of the Ferrari, Hamilton was also confirmed by Mattia Binotto , in the course of a press conference on Friday; next to him there was also Wolff when the team principal of Ferrari has said that the Red could only be “happy” to bind to a rider of the calibre of Hamilton.

“I was just sitting next to Matthias, when the conference was asked for an opinion on Lewis and he said he had the greatest esteem for him,” explains Wolff -. I’m willing to bet also that if his to the met, it wouldn hurt to Hamilton. They are absolutely quiet; we have to work hard to provide our pilots the car as fast as possible. If we were able to do it, I am 100% convinced that we would have the best pair of drivers”.

On Hamilton, whose contract with Mercedes expires at the end of 2020, Wolff explains: “Everything is in favour of the continuation of our relationship with him, but you never know. For this I am open to every possibility. I came to understand that each has its own objectives, and must seize the best opportunities for their career. My more personal, however, would be to continue our path of success with him.”