FCA-PSA 2020, Talks about the CEO: meritocracy, volumes for economies of scale and batteries made in EU

Strong words those that you say when you’re the new big boss of the group car’s most talked about 2019, and, possibly, 2020. Carlos Tavares, appreciated of PSA but now also PSA-FCA, has issued several statements before the end of the year. Are the ideas interesting and influential that we have caught so far, are few but effective, thinking about the “old optical Fiat” dear to the italians. A galaxy Italian-american glorious, in the story, but orphan, Marchionne criticized for certain results on the market too now.

Honor to the merit

The starting point of the big boss PSA-FCA thinking of the future, is a term now used talking about the staff. Management top or not: the only rule is the meritocracy. Expected to know and then who will be the key roles in the council and in the various directions of the product, and division. The pawns that you move and the methods or the systems that vary. The fear, of those who cheer Fiat and Alfa or Maserati, is that there are some inertia to slow down the Italian brands that are already less well-placed to various aspects, in the range of models in 2019 / 2020.

Economies of scale with the aid of EU

The second point is relevant in the recent words of Tavares disclosed on the international agencies is that of growth, of expansion in the volumes. A group that was created as the first and even can aim to do so immediately, but a group that will pursue economies of scale. Especially for the electrification. Those blessed or cursed (which is the point of view right up to you) batteries that weigh a lot all the senses for the auto industry european. Weigh also for the environment we say and, fortunately, so far, little to the market of the working real. Also, on this point, for the trademarks FCA await developments, or, perhaps, in the revolutions all to verify. The germans and some asian competition this front have already outlined with the temporal edge. For Tavares, the question is settled in the next three years, but not after. The target would be to make the batteries in european for all the electric PSA – FCA, but not riuscirsi only: will need the help of the Union (perhaps with rules and incentives for the protection of the old continent compared to asia).

The autonomy of the individual?

The last point is that internal organizational. Hardly noticed by motorists but very influential for the daily work of thousands of people, even in Italy, and the results, both financial and range placed on the market. Who will decide what and how will be the new models of cars and SUV for Fiat, Alfa, Lancia, Peugeot, Opel, Citroen, DS? But also Jeep and other related marks, from the USA, from the world of commercial vehicles? The scheme, which sees Tavares is the one on the matrix, on the axes related to that are yes, the individual marks, but also the geographical areas and functions. Which of the axes will weigh the most and how to be seen in a colossus made of unions, even young people, or even unpublished until the second half of 2020. On these aspects of the mix, Tavares sees you confident in the operate, flexible of his men, in their ability to take on delegation with respect to the great global leader, and act autonomously for the good of the company.

In short, issues of the business layer, to melt there will be a lot for the great new group auto PSA – FCA. We’ll see without waiting for shocks for at least a year. Then, speaking of the year, again, the first step for everyone is to manage the restrictions european on the front of emissions.