Formula 1, 2019, the result of the race Abu Dhabi Gp: wins for Hamilton. The standings and calendar

The LAST SEAL – Lewis Hamilton put the exclamation point on the championship of Formula 1, 2019 and also won the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi: it is the eleventh success in the season, the fourth in the last six editions of the grand prix from the united arab emirates. The champion of the Mercedes crossed the finish line in front of the Red Bull Max Verstappen and Ferrari of Charles Leclerc, who, in the light of this result have to settle for the fourth position in the championship standings, behind Hamilton, Bottas and Verstappen. Fourth, Valtteri Bottas and the Mercedes, who started last after a penalty, and fifth in the australian grand prix, Sebastien Vettel.

HAMILTON WITHOUT a RIVAL – Hamilton defends the pole position at the start and assists you from “spectator” to scrimmage for second and third place, because Verstappen is bypassed by the Red of Leclerc and Vettel. The driver of the Mercedes takes off: nobody is able to keep his pace. The ferrari fans are among the most important drivers in trouble, because you are forced to stop to change tyres already in the 13th round, well ahead of rivals (Verstappen enters the box in the 25th round); on that occasion Vettel has a problem and lose precious time. At the 32nd lap Verstappen overtakes Leclerc and takes the second position, while in this phase, the Ferrari have problems with the tires and can no longer be competitive.

The FINAL BITTER PRR HULKENBERG – The Red are the protagonists also in the last laps, when they must defend themselves to maintain the positions: Leclerc is threatened by Bottas, in search of the the podium to seal a race sumptuous, while Vettel rejects the assaults of Alex Albon in the Red Bull. It remains a dry mouth Nico Hulkenberg Renault, which closes 12th and out of the zone to the points that might have been his last race in Formula 1: after nine seasons in Formula 1, in the year 2020 will not be in the way.