Car market in Italy: +2.2% November 2019

2019 AS THE end of 2018 – After 13.4% in September and 6.7% in October, even in November, increased registrations of new cars in Italy: the increase is 2.2 per cent to 150.587 registrations, against the 147.386 of November 2018. The total from the beginning of the year to reach the 1.775.884 new cars, according to data released by the Ministry of Transport, 0.6% less than in the January-November period of the last year: the estimate for the end of the year is in line with the 1.910.025 cars in 2018.

WELL THE COMPANY – The result of the November 2019, however, is not entirely positive, because the deliveries to private customers decreased 14.6% to 82.048 new car, a sign that households have pulled the belt: not a good sign for the Italian economy. Positive feedback from the rental company, who have purchased 40.3% of cars more than in November 2018, and companies, including the dealers, who have raised the self-registrations (37.8%) and waiting to resell the car had a trade-in.

SPROFONDO DIESEL – IN November, rose to 40.1% in sales of hybrid cars and 130,2% of the electric ones, for a total of respectively 11.371, and 1.068 units. Continues to decline diesel, who have lost 16.4%, while gasoline increased by 15.1% to 69.437 registrations. Most of the new cars sold in November 2019 were passenger cars, for a total of 51.401 specimens (2.2% more), and the crossover have gained 11.3% and climb to the 52.040 unit.

THIRD, THE SMART – The FCA remains on the first place among the groups, but the last month has lost 4.3% and sold 34.176 new car. According to the Volkswagen, to 23.750 registrations (the 10,29% more), in front of the PSA: has lost 9.11% and has fallen to 20.324 cars. The fourth Ford, with 9.996 drive (l’8,21% more). The Fiat Panda and Lancia Ypsilon were the more cars sold, ahead of the Smart ForTwo.