Formula 1: the report cards of the season 2019

The World of 2019 is (finally) finished, once again with a test of strength of Hamilton, but even if sometimes it seemed to the contrary, the truth is that on the track there was only English. And then we try to dedicate a thought to all the samples that this year we have made excite and discuss.

Hamilton: vote 10 and praise, because it is true that he has been able to count on the superiority of his car, (like almost all the world champions in the history of F1 in the rest), but it should be reiterated once again that he played a season virtually perfect intensity and desire to win, even when he could settle for a placing. The reference point is and will always be him. Immense.

Bottas: this year there were team orders to tarpargli the high and at the beginning of the season the finn seemed to be born again, except to highlight in the course of the season, the limits always, alternating big games performance, just discrete and without being able to pull out the nails and teeth when there is to be imposed. Vote 7,5: according to the fact.

Verstappen: to say that this was the season of his consecration, it would be wrong, because that pasta was, it was understood since its debut season, but it is also true that this year, the dutchman is always expressed on high rates, winning every time he could, grinding the team-mates and without the excesses of enthusiasm of the past. Today, he is the real added value of Red Bull. Vote 10, driver.

Voto 10 per Leclerc nella stagione 2019 di F1

Vote 10 for Leclerc in the season 2019 of F1

Leclerc: go up on the Ferrari in the second year of F1, next to a four-times world champion, is stuff to shake your wrists to almost all human beings. The monegasque instead took home two wins in a stunning, one – Monza – from the books of racing history as it is gained. And the wins could be at least two (Bahrain and Russia) without problems not attributable to the monegasque. And yet, he, at the beginning of the season said that the struggle in qualifying has closed with the record of pole. And above all, put to the ropes Vettel, winning already the role of reference in the team, bringing together around him the enthusiasm and the cheering of all the ferrari fans. Sure, he made a few mistakes (driving and management of the situations) and still has to work on the use of the tyres in the race, but the potential is immense. Vote 10.

Vettel: if you look at the numbers you can not say that the German has had a poor season, but this year he has committed three errors in the grave (in Bahrain, in Silverstone and in Brazil), has continued to show clear limits in duels body-to-body (also to Abhu Dhabi), and has lost the comparison in speed with his team-mate in qualifying. All the things that status and salary are not eligible. And then, vote 6,5, with the feeling that their best days are long gone.

Sainz: staccatissimo in the standings, but “the first of the other”, the Spanish greets from the top of Renault that had downloaded so much in a hurry. McLaren has found a team reorganized and growing, but it must be said that there has put much of its running always with great intensity and without committing practically never an error. Vote 9: rediscovered.

Gasly: here, doubt is the hamlet-like dilemma between, should be considered as the first part of the season, disastrous in the Red Bull or the second, very good, after the relegation in Red Bull? Or we make an average between the two? As to us the stories of redemption like, vote 7,5 for how he knew how to escape from a situation destabilizing, riguadagnandosi the respect of all as a pilot and a seat in F1 for next year. There remains the mystery of what went wrong when it came to fight for the opportunity of a lifetime: they were technical problems or psychological?

Promozione in Red Bull a metà stagione per Albon

Promotion to Red Bull mid-season for Albon

Marko more for lack of alternatives than for real conviction. Also on his resume, good but nothing that let her know who knows what potential. Instead, the thai was just perfect, from the beginning, putting on a solid performance after the other. And also when it is finished on the Red Bull continued with the same attitude: now it remains to be seen if he can bridge the gap with Verstappen. In the meantime, vote 9.

Richard: for him it must have been a difficult season, because it goes well that he was not expected to fight for the world going in the Renault, but don’t celebrate for a 7th place… After a difficult start, however, the good Daniel has to reset mentally, its goals, and ran with his usual determination, bending sharply, even on a bone hard as Hulkenberg. Vote of 7.5. However, that melancholy to see him down there in the standings.

Perez: the car this year was just discreet, but like always the mexican has squeezed all the potential, the more that dubbing in the standings while team-mate-son-of-owner of the team. Missed the podium, which we had used in particular circumstances, but we couldn’t ask him: vote 7,5.

Norris: another nice surprise. Yes, because English seemed to be another case Stroll, winning formulas, and less, but always backed by financial resources almost unlimited, arrived at McLaren with Zak Brown, who is IN the team and at the same time as her manager. Instead, English has to express from the outset the performance very convincing, often resulting in faster than Sainz in qualifying, and running with great determination and without errors in the race. And then, vote 8,5: a nice surprise.

Raikkonen: in the first part of the season, when the Alfa Romeo was competitive, good Kimi has really made the difference, doing a truckload of points. Then he also has been dogged by the decline of competitiveness of the team, but when there was the possibility that the Finnish has always shown a surprising motivation for one with his resume. Grade 8, sample always.

Stagione tra alti e bassi per Gasly

Season between high and low for Gasly

Kvyat: this time the Russian has convinced without if and without but, it is true that he tore a renewal of the contract for the next year. Beautiful his podium in Germany, but it is also true that he continued to alternate between the big end of the week to the other more opaque. The Russian, however, has been very good to start a career in F1, what is most difficult after quitting: vote 7.

Hulkenberg: sorry to say, but the German leaves the F1 after a season quite colorless, in which he ran well but also lost clearly the direct comparison with Ricciardo and threw to the wind the opportunity to stand on the podium, in Germany. Deserves to still be in F1? Yes of course, but it is also true that he never managed to realize its full potential, and perhaps it is not only the fault of the tools at your disposal. Vote 6,5, good-bye.

Stroll: now for the canadian the book of excuses is finished by one-piece, Perez has once again outclassed clearly and without the grand prix of Germany, where he caught 12 points (out of 21 in total), its ranking piangerebbe even more. It is simply not fast enough and prepared to compete against most of his colleagues. Grade 6.

Magnussen: the excesses of the past are a memory, but also the beautiful performance to which we had grown accustomed, thanks to a Haas technical crisis. But he obviously has not done much to address the team. Vote of 6.5.

Giovinazzi: for the Italian it has been a season with two faces, lack of the first part, where by her own admission, has encountered more difficulty than expected to find the rhythm of the race, much more brilliant in the second part when it is able to travel on the same pace of Raikkonen, if not better. Only when he realized finally how to let go of the machine, this has in fact stopped going strong. However, voting 7 for growth: next year will be decisive for him.

Insufficienza per Grosjean

Failure for Grosjean

Grosjean: one of the great mysteries of the F1 is how she managed to get the renewal of the contract, after a season of all inconsistent and years of performance mixed. A good mark should be to his manager, him instead of tap a 5, because it goes well with the car low, but he has not done much to improve things.

Kubica: it has picked up a point in Germany, where more had the merit of … get to the finish line. For the rest of his season is difficult to judge: too disastrous the situation of the car and team for any real evaluation. A pity, because after finally being able to return to F1 deserved honor! to play: vote 6,5 on trust.

Russell: the English nothing could against the chaos of the Williams. Remember him a flash in qualifying in Hungary, and almost nothing else. For the talent shown in the junior formulae, however, deserves a F1 at least decent. Even for him, when in doubt, vote 6,5.
Since, however, even if we’re still speaking of the pilots, a few sports, are the team as the F1, let’s spend two words for the team.

Mercedes: vote 10 and praise, simply perfect, once again, not only to have churned out yet another single-seater winning, but also in the management of the strategies. And this time without the use of Bottas as a valet, of Hamilton. Congratulations.

Ferrari: never as in this case, the judgment depends on expectations. Because for the team that had dominated the winter testing, the result can be insufficient, but it is also true that in reality the car was not as bad as it seemed at the beginning of the season, simply in a Ferrari, we have put a little too much to let it go. Probably if they would have understood before the result would not have changed, but we’d have enjoyed it more. Some mistakes in the strategies in the management of the pilots… history teaches us that certain things with two roosters in the same hen house are almost inevitable, so it is useless to take it (too) with Binotto. And then vote 7,5 , and each of the australian grand prix, choose which half of the glass look.

7,5 per la Red Bull nella stagione 2019

7.5 for the Red Bull in the season 2019

Red Bull: three victories for Red Bull, which has won the bet the Honda has churned out another single-seater competitive. But the feeling is that a lot of us has put her Verstappen. Vote of 7.5, in growth.

McLaren: find it in the upper floors of the ranking is probably a pleasure to ferrari, because in the fury of fight against some formidable opponents in the end a bit you love them to them. Without forgetting that we are talking about a team that has made the history of F1. Are shared by a Renault engine and dignified by a technical director capable of putting order in a team in disarray. The rest, as they say, it came from him. Vote 8, because fall is a moment, but getting up again is much more difficult.

Renault: eve expectations were very different, instead the French team has finished behind a team of customers throughout the year and has struggled with teams of the second range, sometimes taking them also. Vote 5 for a season is clearly not enough with respect to objectives, budget, and prestige.

Toro Rosso: two podiums to be framed in a season full of solid performances, with a terna of riders that could be all – for different reasons – a risk from which they managed to pull out the best. Grade 8 and compliments.

Alfa Romeo Racing: after a departure of a rocket, the team plafonato in performance, but then show some other nice occasional provision (for example in Brazil, which honestly makes it even more difficult to understand the performance drop from half the league then. Overall a decent season, with the feeling, however, that the potential was higher than that, perhaps would have been enough for better management and a few financial resources in the most. And also a little bit of attention in the strategies to the box. Vote of 6.5.

Haas: after an excellent 2018, the u.s. team has slipped to its worst season. And as often in the qualification is the result of competitive, except for falling into the race, thinking more to the problems of management that are not half a slow in the absolute sense. Is it possible that in eight months have not managed to put in the track evolution can solve the problem? And then remain doubts about the choice of the pilots, because in this case it does not seem that the experience is a great added value…. Vote 4, the middle of the disaster.

Williams: the historic English team has hit rock bottom. And it is not a way of saying: we went to check the statistics and found that never in its history had obtained just 1 point, except for the year of the debut – 1977 – however, when not played all the grand prix and still rides with a March. So to be clear, already in 1978, the first year by the manufacturer jumped 11 points, and at the time they took points, only the first six… The calvary is started in winter testing with unacceptable time delays in production and went on for the whole season, in spite of an engine is certainly competitive. The thing that worries most is that for the next year, there are many encouraging signs… Vote 0, complete disaster.

F1 2019, the report cards


Hamilton 10 and praise

Verstappen 10

Leclerc 10

Sainz 9

Albon 9

Norris 8,5

Raikkonen 8

Bottas 7,5

Gasly 7,5

Ricciardo 7,5

Perez 7,5

Kvyat 7

Giovinazzi 7

Vettel 6,5

Hulkenberg 6,5

Magnussen 6,5

Kubica 6,5

Russell 6,5

Stroll 6

Grosjean 5


Mercedes 10 and praise

McLaren 8

Toro Rosso 8

Ferrari 7,5

Red Bull 7,5

Alfa Romeo 6,5

Renault 5

Haas 4

Williams 0