Highways, Luciano Benetton: “We are the injured party”

With Atlantia’s always more in the eye of the storm for the investigation of the lack of maintenance of the viaducts, and it seems closer to the revocation of the concession, to take the word is Luciano Benetton, the member of the venetian family that is the majority shareholder of the giant highways.

Benetton has sent a letter to the main newspapers in which clarifies the position of his family about what happened from the collapse of the Bridge Morandi in then: “I Find it necessary to clarify a big misconception: none of the components of the Benetton family has never managed Motorways. The Benetton family is a 30 per cent shareholder of Atlantia, which controls Autostrade,” points out the businessman from treviso.

He adds: “The news these days on the omitted controls, sensor failures are not renewed or false report, affect us and surprise us in so serious, in the same way in which they strike and surprise the public. We feel hurt as citizens, as entrepreneurs and as shareholders. As the Benetton family we believe we are the injured party. We assume the responsibility of having contributed to endorse the definition of a management – continues to Benetton – which is proven not suitable, a management that has had full power and the total trust of our shareholders and my brother Gilberto (who died in October 2018, ndr) that, as it used to work, it sure has put the safety and reputation of the company before any other objective. Dreamed that we were the best in infrastructure”.

Then the defense: “I am Not seeking the indulgence for the Highways, those who did wrong must pay, but what I find unacceptable, is the hate campaign waged against our family, with accusations coming from now and that continue to the present with vehemence on the part of representatives of the government, as mr Di Maio, who points to the family as it was accused of collusion in having decided deliberately to save on investment in maintenance”.

“Read interceptions, including technicians who falsify reports is inconceivable, who benefits put at risk the facilities? To whom? To save what? When the risk is such that any savings would be annihilated, as demonstrated by the case of the bridge Morandi. This is a question which I can not answer,” points out the entrepreneur from the veneto region.