Hyundai Nexo, world record for mileage with a full

778 km with a single tank of hydrogen: is this the world record set by a specimen of Hyundai Nexo in France. Bertrand Piccard, on more than one occasion, and the president of the Solar Impulse Foundation, started from the fuel station FaHyence in Sarreguemines and arrived the day later at the Musée de l’air et de l’espace of Le Bourget. For the first time in history, a vehicle fuelled by hydrogen, has made a path so long.

At the side of Piccard on the Hyundai Nexo along the route you will have passed through several personalities that they were able to test the potential of the power supply to hydrogen. This is Jean Rottner, President of the region of the Grand Est (France); the grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg; Michel Delpon, representative of the department of the Dordogne, and President of the Hydrogen Study Group; Benoît Potier, CEO of Air Liquide; Bruno Le Maire, French Minister of economy and finance; Elisabeth Borne, Minister of the French of the Ecological Transition, and Solidarity; and the Prince Albert II of Monaco.

“With this adventure, we have given proof of the fact that we have no more need of experimental prototypes in order to break the record. Today all can be to do with production vehicles to zero emissions. Is starting a new era with regard to the performance, to the benefit of environmental protection,” explains Piccard. The total power consumption of the Hyundai Nexo is 135 kW, 95 fuel cell 40 of the battery. The car is able to burn the shot from 0 to 100 km/h in 9.5 seconds.