Jaguar F-Type: the first pictures of the restyling

WANT to STAY YOUNG – Comes the time of the restyling of mid-career for the sporty Jaguar F-Type. To change, as demonstrated by the pictures circulating on various web sites, are some of the details in the front: you can see the template more wide, the restyled grille and renovated lights, thinner, and moved to the sides of the front bezel. The Jaguar, in short, has worked to chisel to the edition 2020 of the F-Type, among the sport’s most charming and personal, despite the age of six, available with carrozzaeria coupe and convertible.

4, 6 OR 8-CYLINDER engine – The Jaguar F-Type 2020, according to rumors, should receive the digital dashboard and a series of improvements to the structure, revised in order to improve the drivability. The motors should remain in the current 4-cylinder turbo 2.0-liter, V6, 3.0, and V8 5.0, supercharged by supercharger: the powers are from 300 HP up to 575 HP of the sports F-Type R. The presentation of the renewed F-Type is scheduled in the evening of 2 December.