Mercedes-AMG Emotion Start: and the engine returns to the “roar”

Silence? It is usually a valuable, but an engine that is too quiet can be debated, especially to the lovers of the sport when the first revolutions of the engine are one of the greatest pleasures that a car with so many horses can offer.

Mercedes-AMG has, however, solved the problem by giving the faculty the driver to choose whether to enjoy a “start” beautiful noisy as befits an AMG, or is necessary to start in the most unobtrusive manner possible.

So by 2020, most of the AMG are equipped with the function of Mercedes-AMG Emotion Start: it’s activated by pulling the paddle shift gearbox to the left of the steering wheel and simultaneously pressing the button of start.

By doing so you open up the valves of the discharge as it happens in the driving mode and more pushed, and the engine rooms of about 200-300 rpm more than the standard setting.

A short time ago, Ford has instead offered on the Mustang version is diametrically opposed to the “Good Neighbour” Mode, a setting which, instead, minimizes the noise in the start-up phase.