Quotes of the stars for the Pagani Zonda

PRICES – Aston Martin, Ferrari and Mercedes are the only brands for which the car collectors are willing to spend-digit multi-millionaire. The restricted group is added to the Pagans, and after that in the past few days two of the Pagani Zonda have been sold at auction for $ 11.5 million (10.5 million euro at today’s exchange), to which must be added taxes, delivery charges, and commissions for the auction house.

LESS THAN 900 MILES – the first was sold to the Pagani Zonda Riviera in 2017 (photo below), a unique copy based on the coupe Zonda F: it has the V12 engine 7.3 760 HP and changes to the carbon-fibre bodywork, equipped with a new rear wing, an air intake to the roof and new aerodynamic fairings close to the headlight. The interior is lined in leather and Alcantara, blue color, reminiscent of the details in the front hood and on the sides. It was auctioned by Silverstone Auctions for 5.5 million dollars, a figure which has also been affected by the mileage of only 900 miles.

MANUAL TRANSMISSION – AT a distance of a few days has changed the owner also has another unique specimen, the Pagani Zonda Aether of 2017 (photo above), with engine 7.3 760 HP, the 6-speed manual gearbox, and with less than 1,400 km of the assets: RM Sotheby’s has won the auction for 6 million. Comes from the Zonda Roadster and has a range of customizations, such as the aerodynamic-inspired “sports car that goes” the Zonda R, the leather straps instead of the handles on the interior, the bucket seats taken from the Zonda little Boat, and a large key for starting the engine in the center console.

UNIQUE SPECIMENS – The Zonda Riviera and Aether are part of the series called the 760, a line of unique pieces (each with a different name) who share the engine 7.3 760 HP. Among the most famous, there is the 760 LH, in purple, which has been ordered, and belongs to the pilot of Formula 1 Lewis Hamilton. The 760 are the exemplars of the road the most precious of the Pagani Zonda, built in only 140 copies since its inception in 1999.