Rimac C_Two: begin on-road testing

TEST 360° – view of the deliveries, which are expected to begin by the end of 2020 to 150 customers who have booked, the manufacturer, the Croatian Rimac has begun on-road testing of the hypercar electric Rimac C_Two, coupe, performance, exciting unveiled in march 2018. The Rimac is carrying out testing at the Nardò Technical Center in Apulia, a complex owned by the Porsche, a shareholder of the Croatian, where you alternate between various types of routes including the ring at high speed. This is the ideal environment to test different parts of the car, because the testers can test the driving dynamics, steering response, suspension settings and tyres. The testing of the Rimac C_Two will also be held in other parts of the World, in order to evaluate their behavior on a public street, and in various climatic conditions.

BE STRONG AND FAR – The Rimac C-Two is the first of a series of hypercar electric of a new generation that soon will challenge its rivals will be the Lotus Evija and the Pininfarina Battista (with the C-Two shares many components). The Rimac C-Two has four electric motors (one per wheel) that develop well-1.914 CV, to a ‘0-100’ in 1.8 seconds, and 412 km/h maximum speed. To feed them, there is a battery of 120 kWh, which should provide distances up to 650 km with one charge. The C_Two, however, is not only horses and performance, as the Rimac has built a monocoque chassis made of carbon fiber and developed advanced software for the management of the power, called the R-Awtv, that the split between each wheel and thus enhances traction even in the situations more challenging: each engine will then be able to download to the earth with a power greater or lesser than the other in order not to “skate” the car.