Tesla Cybertruck protagonist in a video game retro

The unusual shapes of the Tesla Cybertruck, the first pick-up of the history of the house of Palo Alto, are a tribute to the founder Elon Musk with one of his favorite films, Blade Runner, the science-fiction movie that in 1982, imagined the world of 2019. A car in the vintage salsa, therefore, that is particularly at ease as a main character in a retro video game. The angular shapes of the Cybertruck, in fact, are reminiscent of those of the titles of the Nineties from the world of games.

A YouTuber Spanish, Grasluoo, you had to create a modding – a change to the game – Goldeneye 007, action shooter, inspired by the homonymous film of 1995, in which he appears just the Cybertruck. The wagon loved used by James Bond in the video game is replaced by the Cybertruck, and makes a cameo, even Elon Musk, he also, in a variant, “polygonal”, that compliments James Bond for choosing a car sustainable.

In spite of its design has divided and has given birth to various outlets around finding a satisfactory conclusion – like that of the BMW on Twitter – the Cybertruck has won the trust of many customers. According to what was declared by Elon Musk using his preferred means of communication, Twitter, pre-orders for pick up of the house of Palo Alto, arrived at an altitude of 250,000. The Cybertruck is orderable at the price of $ 100, a tenth of what is required for the crossover Model, Y, is due to arrive in dealers next year.