The Ferrari F2002 of Michael Schumacher sold at auction to us $ 6.6 million

One of the lots, the most anticipated auction of RM Sotheby’s during the Abu Dhabi GP last weekend, was without a shadow of a doubt that the Ferrari F2002 of Michael Schumacher. Expectations were high and the car was given a rating of between 5.500.000 and 7,500,000 dollars american.

The car, which resulted in the 2002 season, the German driver on the roof of the world, making him win eleven races, was awarded to the highest bidder who won with awinning bid of nearly $ 6.5 million.

The F2002 has become the second Formula 1 car more expensive than ever, after another car of Michael Schumacher and the F2001, which was sold to Mahattan always from RM Sotheby’s at about $ 7.5 million.

As specified by the auction House, a part of the proceeds of the sale will go to the foundation Keep Fighting Schumacher and, before being handed over to the new, wealthy owner, the F2002 will receive an intervention for mechanical restoration of the engine and transmission, the responsibility of the old owner, and then be delivered to Fiorano.

In addition to the F2002, the auction also saw the sale at auction of a Ferrari Formula 1 car, driven by Patrick Tambay and Mario Andretti. The 126 C2and remained the only copy, that has been won for a sum of just over two million dollars.

If the price of the F2002 had parervi exaggerated, there is a car that, within the same auction, was sold at a price higher still: let’s talk about the Pagani Zonda Aether. The car, equipped with frame in carbon titanium, engine V12, 7.300 cc and 749 HP by 2017, has been used for a mileage very low and was sold to 6,812 million dollars.