Disabled Vat at 4% for electric and hybrid vehicles

NORM DATED – Vat reduced to 4% for the cars bought by people with disabilities was one of the rules most old-fashioned of our legal system. Under a law dating back to 1972 had only intended for the machines to gasoline and diesel with displacements, respectively, not exceeding 2,000, and 2,800 cubic centimeters. Of course, at the time there were no electric cars nor the hybrid. On the other hand, now there are several years, and our legislators have never intervened to adjust a rule in the meantime become totally inadequate.

THERE ARE LIMITS – But it is never too late, and finally the finance committee of the Chamber of deputies has remedied. It was, in fact, approved yesterday an amendment to the tax decree that provides for the benefits to the disabled (also for electric cars and for hybrids, so far only covered by virtue of an interpretation favourable to the revenue Agency. When the measure will be law (not later than the 25th of December), people with disabilities will be able to purchase with Vat, also electric cars, but only power up to 150 kW. Confirmed instead the “roofs” of displacement for the petrol hybrid and petrol (2 litres) and diesel or hybrid diesel (2.8-liter).