Even in Piedmont, the black box for the car pollutants

BLOCKS ON the BASIS of THE KM – Matthew Marnati, environment councillor for the Region of Piemonte, has just announced the next entry in force of the system Move-In, a program already implemented by the Region of Lombardy to allow the circulation of cars of older and polluting even when they are expected the block the traffic: for those who join, the restrictions do not alert more a function of the time and day of the week, but once exceeded a maximum number of miles (here to learn more). The testing of the Move-In in Piedmont could start by January 2020, according to the reports the site of Turin Today, with the aim to activate the service by October 2020.

FAITH THE BLACK BOX – The program Move-In revolves around a black box to install in the car, the cost of which in Lombardia is set at 30 euro for the installation, and 20 euro for the first and subsequent years of service. This wireless device allows you to monitor the distance travelled, taking into account the actual use of the vehicle and the driving style adopted: in Lombardy, for example, are granted a total of from 1,000 to 9,000 km a year, depending on the class of pollution (those allowed are gasoline Euro 0 and diesel Euro 0, 1, 2 and 3). The kilometres travelled by the vehicle are progressively scaled by the threshold available and are recorded on the electronic platform dedicated, accessible by the user. The Piemonte Region has yet to establish what is the maximum number of kilometres each year.