Ford Focus Active: the X Vignale punta on elegance

It IS DIRTY, BUT WITH CLASS – it IS time of news for the Ford Focus Active, a variant inspired by the suvs available in the car body of the sedan and wagon. The american house has announced that soon will be available at the exhibition X Vignale, from the name of the turin coachbuilder bought by Ford in 1973, it focuses on elegance and specific alloy wheels of 17”, the black roof, led lights and leather covers for seats and steering wheel, as well as parking assistance and to the head-up display. The Focus on Active X Vignale has the characteristics of the other Focus, Active, or protectors anti-scratch for in the wheel arch, the height from the ground increased (to 3 cm at the front, 3.4 inches at the rear), the specific suspensions and the two new driving modes for the Drive selector Mode, which manages the electronics to improve traction depending on the road conditions: are the Slippery, specification for surfaces such as mud, snow and ice, and the Trail, for soft surfaces such as sand.