Iveco and Nikola jump-start the electric truck Nikola Three

It’s called the Island of the Three and is the product of a joint venture between Iveco and the startup american Nikola Motors, the electric truck was presented today in Turin.

The Nikola Three is a driving electric propulsion developed by the american company, which is based on the recent Iveco S-Way, but instead of the traditional propeller heat is driven by an electric motor powered by batteries.

The version of the EV batteries of the Island of Three that will come on the market in 2021 will have a range of about 960 kilometres, while from the 2023 program of the marketing of the version to fuel cell hydrogen-powered.

The initial phase of testing will take place in mid-2020, with the public launch at the european level during the trade fair dedicated to the commercial vehicles IAA in Hanover, Germany, in September of the same year. The sales and after-sales services of Nikola Three will be insured by the european network of Iveco, who was responsible for the industrialization.

Hubertus Mühlhäuser, ceo of CNH Industrial, said: “The increasing attention in the recognize that it is necessary to achieve substantial reductions in emissions in the automotive sector is leading our segment of the search for advanced technological solutions. The joint-venture with Nikola is the confirmation of the technical competence of both partners, which will result in tangible environmental benefits for those engaged in long-distance transport in Europe”.

“This alliance is a win-win for both partners. When we launched the NIKOLA ONE in 2016, drivers, customers, and representatives of the institutions have asked us to bring NIKOLA in Europe. We need to find the suitable partner, which help us to enter the european market, and CNH Industrial was the right ally business,” said Trevor Milton, to Nikola Motors.