Jaguar F-Type 2020: restyling for sport of the Jaguar

Jaguar update after six years since the launch of its sporty F-Type, which immediately offers on the market in an affected version from a restyling both outside and inside the cabin, and comes with the suspension, engines and transmissions recalibrate variants, the most powerful.

The make-up for the coupe the british provides for a frontal new design, with the adoption of new led lights is much more subtle than in the past, which become horizontal, and moving below the line of the bonnet, which now welcomes the openings for the hot air vent of different design, a grid is wider, with a finish more accurate and led daytime running lights.

At the rear were adopted optical groups always led, but with a pattern of bright and more aligned to the current production of the british manufacturer, and inspired by those of the Jaguar The-Peace.

The interior gains new leather upholstery but above all, a new instrumentation, all-digital display 12,3” that contains all useful information.

On the front of technical engineers Jaguar revised the suspension on the V8 models, with particular regard for the most powerful version of the F-Type R, which receives the arms, joints, springs and anti-roll bars stiffer. The F-Type R now has even more horsepower with 575 HP and 700 Nm instead of the previous 550 HP and 680 Nm. All V8 engines have a gearbox Quickshift improved in the response.

In addition to that of the Type R, the engines available are the 4-cylinder 2-liter 300 HP engine with rear-wheel drive, the V6 3-litre 380 HP with rear-wheel drive or full, and the V8 from 450 HP always available with all-wheel drive rear or four-wheel drive.