#OSRAMillumina: who of you was the most creative?

We asked you to show us how your passion for cars and engines is a passion “enlightened”. A creative exercise non-trivial, to which you have responded with an enthusiasm that would not have really imagined. There have been many proposals really interesting that we have received with images and video is really creative. A post among all has captured our attention: it is that of Alberto Zanardo. I look forward to seeing you in the coming days here at our editorial office in order to take part, in the company of Maurizio Vettor, for the recording of a special episode of Reviewed and for the installation on his car for a light kit LEDriving: the first kit headlights full LED plug and play available for Golf VII and can offer a beam of light 200% more intense and 100% more white. Soon, with the story of this fantastic experience!

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#OSRAMillumina, I experienced a bit of #carphotography with led’s to illuminate my Golf. Photos for the contest @automoto_it @osram.it

A post shared by Alberto Zanardo (@albertozanardo) date: Oct 17, 2019 at 8:54 PDT