Stop the production of the Fiat 124 Spider

A NICE REVIVAL – Launched at the Los Angeles motor show in November of 2015 and will be introduced in the price lists by April 2016, the Fiat 124 Spider has interpreted in a modern key one of the sports brand of turin, the most successful of the past: the 124 Sport Spider 1966, signed by Pininfarina. The front with the circular headlights, the two humps in the bonnet, the line of the fenders and the hint of dovetail in the rear, reminiscent unequivocally the ancestor. To keep costs down, Fiat has realized this spider on the basis of a new discovery of success, the Mazda MX-5 generation. However, many of the details differ the two cars. In addition to the design, the engine is “made in Italy: this is the 1.4 turbo Multiair with 140 HP and, for the Abarth 124 Spider (photo below), with 170 HP. For both, the transmission is manual 6-speed gearbox, derived from that of the previous generation of the MX-5. Alternatively, there is the automatic, with the same number of reports. Specific for the Fiat 124 Spider, are the reinforcements in the body, in addition to the adjustment of steering and suspension. The interior reflects that of her cousin in japanese, but has finishes and well maintained (with materials soft to the touch). The hood, double-layer for better comfort, it has the glass rear window.

A GOOD SUCCESS – its appearance, retro style impresses immediately a good sales success accompanies the first years of marketing of the Fiat 124 Spider: as of today, they have sold about 4000, including the Abarth version. A figure of all respect for a car niche, but probably not enough to justify the renewal of the agreement between the Italian brand and the japanese one, which provides for the purchase of stock, pre-established of the cars complete and produced in the japanese plant of Mazda in Hiroshima. Another reason that may have induced to cease production is the cost (high) to upgrade to Euro 6d-Temp (and Euro 6d) of the 1.4 turbo Multiair: a unit with several years of service on the shoulders, used by many models in the group (for example, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta), but at the end of its life cycle: the only one left to mount it, it is the Fiat 124 Spider.

It is TIME TO COPRARLA – Even if out of production, the Fiat 124 Spider, and its aggressive derivative, prepared by Abarth, a car is always fun in this guide is anything but old. And, despite the failure to update the standards on exhaust emissions, the gasoline engine remains away from any locks to the movement of the car more polluting for many years to come. To these advantages it adds to the price. The cars in stock at dealerships, there is no shortage and you can rip strong declines, especially for the “zero Km”. For the Fiat 124 Spider Luxury with manual transmission, you can select a discount in the order of 10,000 euros, taking home less than € 20,000 in a car that price, it costs 30.340 euro. The council is to visit the dealerships, also giving a look at the offers for the Km to zero in this site and in the monthly alVolante.