The Are Motors is in crisis: it takes 50 million

SLIDE PRODUCTION – The recent case that has affected the German startup Are Motors confirms, if proof were needed, that the car industry is a complex industry that requires huge investments. The manufacturer, which in 2017 has announced the Are Zion (in the photos), the electric car powered also by solar panels, sails in troubled waters and to bring forward the development of the project has to be 50 million by the end of the year. These economic circumstances have shifted the production of the car by the end of 2020 to 2021. The initial projects included the construction of Are Sion, in the plant ex-Saab in Trollhättan, Sweden, thanks to a collaboration with the National Electric Vehicle Sweden, NEVS, the chinese company was born from the ashes of the historic Saab.

YOU go TO the CROWDFUNDING – TO declare it are the same founders in a press release combined with a video where you can ask support to consumers, which may contribute to the cause either through a donation free, that anticipating the entire cost of the car (25,000 euro). Jona Christians, one of the two founders, says that to give a bit of breathing space to the company, it would be enough for 2,000 of the 10,000 customers who have booked the Are Zion with a deposit, the saldassero now the full amount. This particular crowdfunding is opposed then to the classic investments that are paid by the big lenders, which, according to what was declared by the founders of the now former German startup, are too tied to the mere profit. Hence the decision to aim straight at the heart of the consumers who believe in electric mobility.

FUELLED BY the SUN – The main peculiarity of the Are Sion is the integration of photovoltaic modules in the entire surface of the body. According to the German manufacturer, the solar cells are able to add to the’autonomy of the battery up to 34 km per day. The Zion is equipped with an electric engine made by Continental and has a battery 35 kWh of the German ElringKlinger.