Eleanor, at the auction the Ford Mustang in “gone in 60 seconds”

The sports cars that appear in movies often arouse a great charm to the onlookers , but a few times, it happens the possibility of being able to bring home a directly from the set. The auction house Mecum has put the enchantment “Eleanor”, the car appeared in the famous movie “gone in 60 seconds” driven by Nicholas Cage who played the character in “Memphis” Raines.

For the film were built by Cinema Vehicle Services of North Hollywood, California, eleven specimens of this car, from being used for filming, but five were destroyed during the stunts and chases. The cars used were all of the Ford Mustang Fastback 1967 painted in the typical Dupont Pepper Grey and dated body kit Shellby GT500 built by Chip Foose.

The car that will be put at auction was nicknamed The Dream Car” by the manufacturers and you can see shooting both outside and inside in several scenes of the film, including the iconic scenes of the chase through the boatyard, through the city, in addition to being the car that raced a helicopter.

On the Eleanor have been added to alloy rims and more modern than the originals, with the tyres to the low shoulder, disc brakes Wilwood high-performance engine HiPo 351 CI V8, a system to 5 bars in the engine compartment to improve the rigidity, heads, motor work and exhaust in stainless with a side exit with mufflers Magnaflow, The special thing of the car? The system NOS working perfectly, can be operated via the iconic red button “Go Baby Go”.

This car, among other things, is the most complete among the ones created for the film, given that some served as “guinea pig” in the most dangerous actions, and was recently restored by the person who had produced and, since then, has traveled about 90 miles.

The film in which she appeared, the car is a remake of the homonymous film, the 1974 Halicki and, for its realization, the budget made available was substantial, approximately $ 90 million, in reliance on a cast of top-notch,with the participation of actors of the caliber of Nicolas Cage, Angelina Jolie and Giovanni Ribisi.

This “Eleaonor” will be auctioned during the first days of the new year and it is estimated that fans of the film will bump up the price to figures even higher than the million dollars.