Ferrari and David Tonizza samples of the F1 Esports Series 2019

Edition 2019 F1 Esports Series ends with a fabulous victory of David Tonizza in the drivers ‘ championship. The simracer of the Ferrari Driver Academy, in fact, succeeded, in spite of the first two amazing races of the rival Frederick Rasmussen (Red Bull), to close the first season of the team Esport of the Prancing horse with a performance of the sublime and the first step of the podium reserved for the pilots.

Compliments needed also to Rasmussen, the simracer of the Red Bull that has put in great difficulty the young Italian talent on the eve of the final race past them in the standings after the first two stages at Suzuka and Austin.

The accomplice, however, the pole of David Tonizza in the final of the brazilian and the departure of Danish from the back, to be of no avail attempts comeback of Frederick to defend his leadership; a pinch of disappointment but so much respect between the two rivals at the end of the race, the rest, Rasmussen leads home Red Bull the constructors ‘ title in 2019, thanks to the excellent performance of team-mate Joni Tormala.

Il team Ferrari Driver Academy: da sinistra Stefano Presenti, Amos Laurito, David Tonizza, Alessio Cicolari e Gianfranco Giglioli

The team Ferrari Driver Academy: from left Stefano Present, Amos Laurito, David Tonizza, Alessio Cicolari and Gianfranco Giglioli

Ferrari Driver Academy: debut with bang

The season 2019 of the F1 Esports Series has welcomed for the first time since its genesis, the team Ferrari that, in the two previous competitions, had not participated despite the presence of all the official teams, and Formula 1.

Probably no one would have expected the results so impressive on the part of the FDA team, especially if we take into account the domain Leigh-Mercedes that has characterized the first two years of the F1 Esports Series. In 2019, the leadership of the duo of the anglo-German vanished suddenly in favour of the “new star” David Tonizza and Ferrari, of course, supported by a team, compact and with experience in the field of simracing.

We must point out that the competitiveness at this event Esports grows year after year, and a debut so it was never seen before now, despite the great performance of all the virtual pilots involved. Constance, speed training and mental strength are necessary qualities in order to excel in these events and David Tonizza that he has shown up at the last corner.

What will happen in 2020? Of course, the F1 Esports Series will celebrate its fourth edition, and according to the words of Tonizza and Rasmussen, we see them again on the track to compete wheel-to-wheel at the edge of the F1 virtual.

Rasmussen alza la coppa costruttori insieme ai compagni Tormala e Longuet

Rasmussen raises the constructors ‘ championship together with his companions Tormala and Longuet


Impressive the number of users who have attended in the last three races of the season: with a peak of 16,000 spectators connected to the live streaming on Youtube, to which must be added the people who have followed the event live on Twitch and Facebook, the F1 Esports Series, confirms a competition of the tip to promote the culture of racing virtual equal of the FIA World Tour of the GT Sport.

Only sour note of the event remains, in our opinion, the absence of a comment in Italian, despite the presence among the commentators of Davide Valsecchi, who, with his “English explosive,” he brought more color to the muted tones of the colleagues.

We hope that the organizers decide to make this step forward, ideal for bringing an audience less accustomed to the gaming world but still ready to assist to the competitions more spectacular and full of surprises than the real ones.

Next event in 2020!