Ferrari Rome: GTS coupé and Shooting Brake [photo]

Ferrari Rome we have already told you much, in terms of product, the first visual impact to your presentation and also informal comment on his name. But the 2+2 of the dreams of so many, never stops to talk, and sometimes even draw.

This is in fact proposed here two so-called render. The last hypothesis is not official possible development in the Ferrari range to a variant,the 2021 or 2022, the GranTurismo sport Italian.

Ferrari Rome Shooting Brake, which takes up the theme dear a time only to the markets of central Europe, but then also to the true sports (German). A new Ferrari of a vein which is already developed in Maranello, with the already known GTC4Lusso: Rome, which elongates by increasing the rear volume.

And then Ferrari Rome, GTS, version open, convertible, maybe with the canvas, different from the Portofino that uses the roof vario, metal, retractable.

We’ll see, for now, these fantasies do not exceed the reality of the original model Ferrari. For now…