Nikola and Iveco have the electric truck

SOON THE TEXTS OF DEVELOPMENT – IS the Nikola Three the first electric truck was born from the collaboration between Iveco and the Nikola Motors, an american company specialized in the production of industrial vehicles electric, conventional and hydrogen. The electric truck Nikola Three, that will come on the market in 2021 (the test will begin in the early months of 2020, was unveiled during an event in Turin and will be shown to the public during the show in Hanover, dedicated to heavy vehicles.

THE BASE IS The S-WAY – Technically, the Nikola Three is based on the platform of the Iveco’s Way, and can count on a battery of 720 kWh, which guarantees 400 km of autonomy. The power of the electric motor is 480 kW (353 hp) with a maximum torque of 1,800 Nm, that guarantees the same performance aligned to those of the diesel version. The maximum speed of 121 km/h, which drops to 56 km/h in the case of a slope of 6%. Thanks to the compatibility with the columns up to 350 kW of power, to make the “full” takes about 120 minutes. It is expected a version truck to 2 and 3 axes, from 18 to 26 t, suitable for urban distribution and for the uses in the municipality.

ALSO, the INSIDE IS NEW – If the aesthetics of Nikola Three recalls by one of Iveco’s-Way, the interior has been almost completely revised. Nikola Three can in fact count on a novel multimedia system, based on a proprietary operating system of the Nikola Motors, which, in addition to integrate the normal functions of navigation, ensures the controls for the increased functionality of the truck, such as adjusting the climate control and the diagnostics, including the adjustment of the suspension. In 2023 it is expected the arrival of the variant powered by hydrogen.

ARE MEMBERS – The CNH Industrial (which owns the brand Iveco) has acquired a participation of over 250 million dollars in Nikola Motors, in order to accelerate the transformation towards the neutrality of the emissions of industrial vehicles of class 8, through the adoption of fuel cell technology and electric.