Coyote: here’s how it works [Video]

The safety is one of the fundamental aspects when you are traveling in the car, and now, in some cases, we are exposed to contingencies that often can also generate risks; for this reason, having a tool able to navigate in the dense jungle road is definitely a plus not to be underestimated. The alternatives are not lacking: there are free apps that can give us a hand in allowing us to predict what will happen, but also paid-for products dedicated and developed especially from the point of view of hardware and software that, working in synergy to ensure a higher level of reliability and offer a real premium service, like what Coyote offers through its devices or the dedicated application, available for both Android and iOS, and is compatible with Apple CarPlay and MirrorLink.

In the case of traffic, one of the most annoying and wasteful of time when we travel, the system not only provides real-time indication of the status of each road, but, if necessary, is able to recalculate the route based on a more clear and fast. Of course, there are other elements that may slow down the march, and they are indicated by the system: it is the case for example of construction sites, which are reported by the community thanks to the selection of the command “shrinkage”.

Yes, “reported by the community”, since the potential of the system Coyotes are also the result of this virtuous mechanism that is based on the interaction with the system on the part of drivers, who will have the opportunity to report several unexpected encounter on the road, such as the loss of cargo from a truck or the more banal, the bad conditions of the road or the most common ones such as slowing or stationary vehicle on the roadway.

Another factor relevant to the help you know in advance what can happen while we are behind the wheel. Coyote helps to not be taken by surprise, indicating which are the unforeseen circumstances, and thanks to the exchange of information between users in the community, up to a distance of 30 km.

On COYOTE Nav+ and the app, all of these functions are grafted, as a natural, on a navigation system that can also count on 3D maps, a function of lane assist and the traffic information in real-time. The function “lane assist” is very useful, especially in the case of motorway exits to multiple branches or roads which are divided in different paths. In these situations, a green arrow allows you to locate the perfection which is the direction to take and, as in all systems, if you are wrong road you can always entrust the system to recalculate.

With regard to the speed cameras fixed, mobile and cameras, thanks to the alerts you can receive an alert when we are about to reach a station mobile or fixed, and accordingly adjust the speed. For a trip more safe and the system takes into account also the average time between the passages of the tutor system, thanks to the calculation of instantaneous and average mileage, shown with a clear indication on the display through the indicator of speed, which is constantly updated and shows the correct speed to be respected, by informing the user then, via visual notifications and sound in the event the limits are exceeded.

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