Mercedes EQS: the tests continue to cold [spy Photos]

The production version of the next electric Mercedes, the EQS, was spotted again during test: this time the land development are the snows of the north, to test the behaviour of the vehicle and its electrical components at very low temperatures.

La Mercedes EQS vista di profilo

The Mercedes EQS view profile

On the snow

Compared to a few months ago, there seem to be no cosmetic updates: the model is still very camouflaged, and there are groups optical definitive. The lines and dimensions confirm the input of a power in the world of premium sedans , and for sure, it will make competition to the Tesla Model S and the new Porsche Taycan. The place of the test makes us think that now the attention of the technicians are focused on the medium resistance at low temperatures, not only with regard to the sealing of the road, but also of electrical components such as the battery. Expect to see her again in the next few months and see that point will have arrived by the House of Stuttgart.

Test sulla neve per la Mercedes EQS

Tests on the snow for the Mercedes EQS