Volkswagen: by 2020 the dealer every two years

EACH TWO – starting from the Golf 8, all future models of the manufacturer sold in Europe have intervals of maintenance led to 2 years. The new program of one inspection every two years replaces the previous system, based on a year of the coupon “small” and the next one more “great”. Currently, the first coupon within 2 years or 30,000 km) includes oil change, replacement of filters, dust and pollen, and a series of controls, even in the steering, suspension, brakes and exhaust. The second cutting should be made in the third year or 45,000 miles, change the brake fluid and the controls, the next each year.

NOT FOR THE ID.3 – The new scheme is effective from 2020 for the new styles and also for those who undergo an upgrade, with the only exception of the electric sedan with ID.3, with the program of planned actions has not been announced yet (the ID.3 will be on sale by the summer).