Lewis Hamilton vs. Valentino Rossi, the seat, ready for the MotoGP ace

The challenge between repeated that will see opposing Lewis Hamilton and Valentino Rossi is at the door: Monday, December 9, the Red will accommodate the wheel of W08, the car with which Hamilton won the world championship 2017 Formula 1, while the new six-times F1 world champion will climb into the saddle of a Yamaha YZR-M1. For the battle desired by the joint sponsor, Monster Energy, Rossi has already surpassed a required step, preparation of their seat.

The seat, which, remember, F1 is molded specifically for the individual pilot, so that the latter is correctly positioned and can thus withstand the high accelerations to which it is subjected in the track. Rossi already familiar with this procedure, since between 2004 and 2010, he carried out several tests with the Ferrari, so much so that at the time there was talk of a possible passage of the sample of Tavullia in F1, then do not materialized.

Compared to 2010, the cars of F1 have certainly changed radically in the nearly ten years that have elapsed since the last test of the Red single-seater the category you have entered in the era of the hybrid, with incredible powertrain. Not a challenge for Rossi, as it will not be easy for Hamilton, who has travelled on the track in the past, in the saddle of a YZF-R1M, the middle but definitely different from the one with which you approccerà on Monday.

After maura strange challenge with Hamilton, the Reds will compete in another experience with the four wheels: the next weekend will be engaged in 12 Hours of the Gulf in Abu Dhabiat the wheel of a Ferrari 488 GT3 prepared by Kessel Racing, who will share with the brother Luca Marini and Alessio Salucci. That is a test of the next chapter of his career, after the farewell to MotoGP? Only time will tell.